Restoring & Improving Quality Of Life With Dental Implants

Dental Implants for San Diego & North County Residents

Dental implants have made it possible for those who have lost their teeth to get back what was taken away from them. The impact of dental implants go well beyond the simple replacement of the missing tooth.

Dental implants can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used to replace the tooth that broke and was not repairable. They can be used to replace an old dental bridge. They can be placed to turn a "loose or wobbly" denture into a "firm or tight" denture. Now these are not all of the uses, but cover a majority of the advantages of dental implants. Follow the link to  benefits of dental implants to learn more.

Hopeless tooth After Implant therapy

The biggest misconception about dental implants is that they hurt (next to being expensive). There is some truth to both of these. If you have an implant placed without following certain steps,  chances are the recovery (and perhaps even the surgery) will be painful. So the people that have come to spread this misinformation must have some experience of this nature.  But our experience has been different. Our patients report little to no discomfort in just 24 hours after their surgery. In fact, most of them do not take the prescribed pain medication. And their first response after the implant surgery has been performed is "That's it?"

For those people who view dental implants as "expensive" there must be an explanation or reason. Sometimes there are necessary steps to take before the implant is placed. These extra steps cost money. So if there is need for multiple steps before an implant can be placed then the cost can run high. But if the implant can be placed without all of these extra steps, then the cost would not be as high.  Even if the extra steps are necessary and cannot be skipped, if you look at the benefits of dental implants and their longevity, the cost becomes a moot point.

Every once in a while a great discovery is made which allows us to perform previously impossible tasks. Dental implants are one such discovery.  And while dental implants were placed as early as the 1950's, the clinical advances made in dentistry have brought a deeper appreciation for their usefulness.

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