Restoring & Improving Quality Of Life With Dental Implants

Dental Implants & Their Benefits

"What are dental implants", you ask?

Perhaps it is more important to learn what dental implants can do, and how they can improve the quality of your life. But in order to better understand what implants can do, it's important to realize what your teeth can do. Most people think of their teeth as only being there to chew their food with. But there is a lot more to it than that.

When you lose a tooth, you start a long journey towards edentulism, which means "no teeth". But how can loss of one tooth lead to loss of all the teeth?

Each tooth in the mouth serves a certain purpose. Part of their job involves providing support to the adjacent teeth. When your tooth is lost not only do you lose the chewing functions provided by that tooth, but the neighbor teeth are also negatively affected.

shifting of teeth when one tooth is lostThe adjacent teeth start shifting around and moving into the space created by the missing tooth.  This shifting around results in teeth breaking down faster because now all the chewing forces are on the wrong parts of the tooth.

The teeth, as they shift around, also end up tilting which creates some difficult areas to clean around these teeth. This leads to  gum disease which destroys the bone around the teeth, which leads to tooth loss.

X-ray showing the tipping of teeth due to missing teethAs more and more teeth are lost, you start developing facial pain. The muscles you use to chew with start becoming painful. The jaw joints begin to hurt as you try to chew your food. These problems lead to other pains of the head and neck and even further down your body.

The immune system of the body starts getting weaker. Since you no longer can get the nutrition you need, you start feeling run down and out of energy. You have a tendency to get sick more and miss more work and personal time.

So far we only commented on the health benefits of having a healthy set of teeth. But there is another part that is more important to some people, if not everybody. And that is the "appearance" of the face. Tooth loss affects how your face looks. Tooth loss has what is called a "Premature Aging Effect". Loss of teeth and aging effects

You can test this for yourself. If you know anyone who wears dentures and you see them with their dentures out, they look a lot older than when they put their teeth in.

As you can see, our teeth do a lot more for us than we think. It is unfortunate though that most people don't really think anything of or about their teeth and end up losing them.

Dental implants stop all of these processes, not because of some magic. But because they prevent the other problems from happening.  Also, if you are suffering from some or all of the above problems, some of them can be successfully treated. If your teeth hurt too much to eat with or if your dentures are loose, dental implants can be very helpful. If you're losing weight, or have lost weight already due to poor nutrition, you'll be able to eat comfortably again and regain your health back.

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