Restoring & Improving Quality Of Life With Dental Implants

Dental Implants and Dentures

When multiple teeth are lost, typically people turn to partial denture or complete dentures to replace their missing teeth. Unfortunately, these options leave a lot to be desired when it comes to comfort and function.

Anyone who has ever worn dentures knows the feeling of loose, wobbly dentures that move around in the mouth while they are trying to eat. That is because conventional dentures are not attached to the gums, but rather they just sit on top of the gums. Another disadvantage of traditional dentures is that they lay over a lot of the taste buds making tasting the food very difficult.

Dental implants can turn a denture that looks big and bulky, into something way smaller and more manageable. Because the dentures are better retained by the implants, it is not necessary to cover as much of the soft tisssue and the gums in the mouth, leaving the taste buds more exposed to taste and enjoy the food.

traditional upper dentures implant denture replica

In some cases a denture can be made as a non-removable denture. This permanent denture is placed in such fashion that only your dentist can remove it. This needs to be performed periodically to gain access to the implants for cleaning and maintenance. 

At times there may be only a few implants placed. A denture can be much more stable with as few as 2 implants.

2 lower implants more secure dentures with just 2 implants permanent implant denture
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