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Mini Implants

What are "mini" implants? You can think of them as extra small implants, but not in length, only in thickness. If a regular size implant has the thickness of a mid size straw, the mini implants have the thickness of a coffee stirrer.

Mini-implants can be used in a number of situations where a regular sized dental implant may not be an option or necessary.

For example, if you have loose dentures but your jaw bone is not thick enough for  regular size implants, then a mini implant can be considered. Sometimes mini implants are used in conjunction with regular implants. For example, sometimes mini implants are used as a temporary means while the regular sized implants are healing.

At other times we do not want the implant to integrate, for instance in the case of a growing child who has lost a permanent tooth. Or when we graft the ideal site for the implant and while the graft is healing we use a mini implant at a nearby site.

In the X-rays below you can see the difference in size between the 2 types of implants. The one on the left is a Mini Implant. The one on the right is a regular sized implant.

Mini implant vs. Regular implant

Dr. Eslampour can help you decide which implant type is appropriate for your condition.


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